Catalin Ghinararu is an economist by training, born in 1967.11.07 in Bucharest, Romania (RO nationality). He is a graduate of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (19920 with a combined BA and MA in economics (cybernetics, statistics and informatics). He acquired from the same university a Ph.D. in economics in 1997. Catalin Ghinararu also followed training stages with the ILO on modelling social security systems (i.e.: pensions, 2004) as well as with the Ohio State University (USA) and the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services (1994) on management of the public employment services.

Dr.Ghinararu has embarked upon a research and consultancy career starting after his graduation being employed on a permanent basis ever since by the National Research Institute on the field of Labour and Social Protection of Romania (INCSMPS). As a researcher and then as a senior researcher (since 2000 Dr.Ghinararu is senior researcher 1st rank, the highest professional research rank in RO, equiv. to full university professor) Dr.Ghinararu has participated in many projects dedicated to the labour market, employment and active LM measures, social dialogue, pensions and social security systems and social dialogue as well as governance in pensions. As a research manager, Dr. Ghinararu has been in charge of several strategic projects such as the recalculation of pensions in the RO public pension system (2004-10) as well as managing a ESF co-funded strategic project on Flexicurity and social dialogue in the Romanian enterprises (2009-12). In the latter he extensively worked with management and trade unions in two of the largest Romanian enterprises (i.e.; the largest producer of avionics and provider of aerospace maintenance services and the largest urban heat distributor). In his capacity as a Scientific Secretary of the INCSMPS, a top-management position Dr, Ghinararu holds un-interruptedly since autumn of 2001, he has actively participated in the preparation of several EU pre-accession documents such as the Joint Assessment Paper on Employment Policies and the Joint Inclusion Memorandum, capacity in which he extensively worked with trade unions and employer representatives. Dr. Ghinararu has been also involved recently in the preparation of the 2014-20 programming period for the EU structural and cohesion funds, coordinating on behalf of the Ministry of Labour the working on group on active ageing whereby social partners as well as civil society, alongside with academics and business community leaders were represented (2012-13). Also as part of his duties as a senior researcher and manager in the field of labour and social protection policy making he participated in the Technical Group of the Integrated Mechanism for the Combat of Undeclared Work of the Romanian Government, a initiative under the Memorandum of Understanding between Romania, the IMF, the EC and the World Bank (2010-12).

As part of his research work Dr. Ghinarau has participated in the first and only exercise in the assessment of active employment measures in Romania undertaken with World Bank co-funding in 2005-06 by the National Agency for Employment (NAE, the RO PES), a project which has been successfully carried out by the INCSMPS. As a consultant for the ILO he has conducted and elaborated several studies in the social dialogue in the textile sector of Romania (2004) as well as with the financing of Romania’s Social and Economic Council on social dialogue in the bread and bakery industry in 2003-04. In 2009 he has been the head of the INCSMPS team involved in the Phare 2007 project dedicated to the improvement of social dialogue culture in Romanian enterprises (RO: “Managerul in Pas cu Realitate prin Dialog Social), an initiative undertaken under the coordination of one of RO largest trade union confederations, the CNSLR-FRATIA. As part of the same line of professional expertise Dr. Ghinararu has elaborated for the UNDP the last Human Development Report for Romania (2007, “Making EU Accession work for All/ Aderarea la Uniunea Europeana in beneficial tuturor”) with a distinct chapter on social dialogue as well authoring a book on “Flexicurity and Social dialogue in the Romanian enterprises”, jointly with Dr. Fl. Pavelescu (RO Academy) and Dr.R. Dimitriu (ASE-Bucharest) under the aegis of the European Institute of Romania (2010). Starting with 2013 Dr. Ghinararu will head the INCSMPS team which will carry out a study for the Ministry of Labour of Romania on the ex-post assessment of active ageing measures.

Dr. Ghinararyu is also extensively teaching and training being currently an associated professor with the University of Bucharest (Faculty of Business and Administration) where he is teaching a course in Pension Administration (in preparation a course on International Business and World Economic History). As a certified adult trainer, Dr. Ghinararu has worked extensively starting as early as 1996 with the major trade union confederations delivering training and providing expertise for CNSLR-FRATIA, CSDR (Confederaia Sindicatelor Democratice din Romania) as well a for the national trade union confederation CARTEL ALFA. In 2000 he has been also designated and performed the function of President of the National Trade Union Association for European Integration (UNSIE). Dr. Ghinararu is also a constant collaborator of the CNS CARTEL ALFA education foundation CORESI. Also Dr. Ghinararu in his capacity of the Refernet National Coordinator (the reference in vocational education and training network of the CEDEFOP centre of the EU Commission) has been heading between 2009 and 2013 the National referent consortium Romania which, amongst others, includes trade unions and employer’s representatives.

Dr. Ghinararu also works extensively at European level being since 2003 a member of the European Employment Observatory (now the European Employment Policy Observatory) and participates frequently in the MLP process (the Peer Review process on the European Employment Strategy). Dr. Ghinararu has also prepared for the UNDP Romania, the assessment of the MDGs for Romania in 2010.

Dr.Ghinararu is married, has one child and lives currently in Bucharest, Romania.

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