Ecaterina ANDRONESCU started her academic career at Politehnca University of Bucharest, right after getting the bachelor’s degree, as Assistant Lecturer, in 1972. She gradually held positions of head of scientific papers, Associate Professor, and Professor. In 1996 she gained the position of head of doctoral studies for chemical engineering field.
The results obtained throughout her teaching and research career are being capitalized in more than over 300 scientific papers, either published or presented in scientific conferences in Romania and abroad ( more than 160 papers indexed in Scopus database), 1 patent, 9 books and university courses. She is also coordinator for more than 80 scientific research contracts with national and international funding. As recognition of her scientific activity, starting from 1995 she is a member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, and also from 2012 a member of Academy of Technical Sciences, member of Editorial College of Romanian Magazine for Materials, and member of the Editorial Team of Silicates Industrieles magazine.
Positions held within the managerial structure of Politehnica University of Bucharest, as vice-dean, dean (1992-2004) and rector (2004-2012), give proof of her large experience within university management as well as in academic communities’ interactions. At this moment she is the President of the Senate within Politehnica University of Bucharest.
Taking into consideration her positions held within the Ministry of Education and Research, she contributed in developing the educational system as well as the Romanian scientific research, by elaborating and implementing short, medium and long term educational strategies and policies. She also had initiatives meant to improve and streamline the Romanian educational system. During 1995-1996 she was appointed Secretary of State for Higher Education, and afterwards, she fulfilled 3 mandates as Minister of Education and Scientific Research (2001-2003, 2009, 2012).
During 1996-2004 she was a deputy within Romanian Parliament, and later on, in 2008, was elected as senator, thus having a large experience in elaborating legislative documentation. She was a member and Vice-president of the Commission for Education, Science, Youth and Sports. In the mean time she became the President of this Commission, position which she currently still holds.

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