Sergiu SAINCIUC is the vice-minister of labour, family and social protection in the Government of the Republic of Moldova.
He graduated from State Technical Institute (Chisinau) and obtained master’s degree in public administration in the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova Presidency.
During a long career in the field of labour and social policies, Mr. Sainciuc was engaged in the activity of various national committees and until now chairs some of them (National Steering Committee on the Elimination of Child Labour of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), National Steering Committee of the International Migration Programme (MIGRANT) of the International Labour Organization, Steering Committee of the UNDP Project "Economic Policies for Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction").
Deputy Minister Sainciuc was also the leader of the task force for development of the new Labour Code, adopted in 2003.
Mr. Sainciuc is an expert in the area of social policies reforms at local, branch and national levels. The main fields of activity include labor policies, social protection, labour relations, labor migration, cooperation with social partners, insurance and social assistance.

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