Speranta Lavinia Tibu, is senior researcher III, coordinator of Educational Counselling and Management Department within Institute of Education Sciences Bucharest. Since 2011 she has been coordinating Euroguidance Romania Centre which is a member of the International Euroguidance network. She holds a Psychology License Diploma in Psychology, a Master Degree in Psychotherapy and Psyhodiagnosis and a PhD in Education Sciences with a thesis in Career counselling (2011). With over 10 year experience in the field of career counselling, she worked in many international projects (eg: Distance Counselling, Transition form School to Work, validation of Career Counsellors Competences etc.), is a national expert in developing the Guidance and Counselling and Personal Development curricula, is co-author of numerous studies, guides and publications, is an authorized trainer in the field of guidance and counselling.

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